Come visit our shop at Unit 10, 48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee & drive up the ramp at the Lock Up building. We're open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Come visit our store at Unit 10, 48 Waratah Street & drive up the ramp at the Lock Up building. We're open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.



Our Story

The idea to start TechSolvers was born after hearing our friends and family struggle with Tech Support. We’d hear comments such as:
“My Internet Service Provider told me I had to buy a new modem to fix my internet, I paid $50 for it and no internet yet”
“I’ve been on the phone for the past 3 days trying to get my mobile internet working, I cant even understand the people I talk to”

I called my Internet Service Provider and waited 10 minutes, answered their questions for 10 minutes, they then put me onto someone else where I had to answer all the same questions again, they then put me on hold for 15 minutes only to come back and tell me I had to talk to another expert!

We started working with our friends and families to help them. As we solved their problems, we would ask questions to better understand their setup and would realise that they were typically paying too much money for:

  • Internet / mobile / home phone
  • Technology goods
  • Everyday goods

After having helped our family and friends save money, we thought we’d do the same for everyone else.

About Us

Leave the tech to TechSolvers

Tech Obsessed

We’re technophiles who love to experiment with new ideas, as well as watching the latest developments by the worlds tech leaders. If you’ve seen a new piece of cutting edge technology that you’d like to know more about, send us a message via our Online Contact Form.

TechSolvers can help solve all your tech related problems

Helping You

We started our business because we like to feel good and there are few better ways to achieve that than to help others. It’s addictive! If there’s a way that we can help you with your tech that you cant see on our website, send us a message because we’d love to hear from you!

TechSolvers are experts at all things tech

Experts in our field

We pride ourselves on being amongst the best of the best. Our obsession with Tech means we’re active participants in the Tech scene and have our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments. We’re continuously honing our tech skills and there’s always more to learn. We’re firm believers that “Mastery is a journey, not a destination”.

Our Values


We back ourselves to provide you with an amazing service. We’re confident you’ll be so impressed, you’ll think of TechSolvers first every time you have a tech problem.

At TechSolvers, we'll make sure you get great value for money


We aim to fix your problems as quickly as possible so that we may help iron out those niggly tech problems you’ve been putting off fixing for so long. We can even help you understand how to reduce your mobile / internet bills as well as your every day goods costs.

TechSolvers are fast and reliable


Our proficiency enables us to get to the root of the problem at a pace that will astound you. That means we’ll not only have you up and running quickly, we’ll also be able to do more for you during your allotted booking.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

       -Arthur C. Clarke

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