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At TechSolvers, we work hard and smart to deliver solutions to our clients that are timely and reliable. As such, the requirements to work at TechSolvers are wide reaching and very demanding. You can check out what we look for in prospective TechSolvers below.

Technology Knowledge

You must have an excellent understanding of technology right across the board, covering

  • Windows/Apple/Linux Operating Systems for both Home and Business.
  • Computer hardware including peripherals, internals. You likely have built computers in the past and have performed upgrades on internal components.
  • Smart Phone operating systems (Apple, Android)
  • Networking infrastructure and protocols
  • The Internet, the infrastructure that supports it and the technology that drives it.
  • Email setup and protocol
  • Secure Technology standards (i.e SSL, VPNs, Proxys, 2FA, NetFilters etc)
A computer repair specialists typical workbench covered with tools and equipment.

Troubleshooting skills

    Successful applicants need to be able to quickly diagnose where the root of a problem likely lies without using Google. Investigation into problems needs to be performed logically and you will be required to demonstrate this during the interview process. You must be able to remain calm when confronted with a challenging problem is and you must be capable of identifying potential future problems so that you can raise awareness to the customer.

A specialist navigates the cables feeding a switch


    You need to possess excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Many of our customers are not technically minded; you need to be able to assess a customers technical knowledge and adjust your language accordingly. Frequently this involves being able to describe complicated matters in language that the customer can understand using every day analogies. You should speak fluent English and have a friendly, affable demeanour. Professionalism is important to our business and you need to present accordingly.

TechSolvers are proficient in numerous coding and templating languages

Drive & Motivation

    You need to be able to demonstrate a passion for technology that both drives and motivates you. We’re interested in understanding why Technology interests you and where your interest stems from. If you have projects, we’d love to hear about them. If you are an Open Source contributor, tell us what you’re doing and why. If you’ve implemented technology enhancements around your home, let us know what you’ve done.

A computer repair specialist works on fixing a laptop.


    You need to have a minimum of 3 years experience in a related technology role (with references). If you have other experience that you believe is relevant, please do detail this in your submission.

Specialist Skillset

    Each TechSolver has a specialist skill set that makes them uniquely qualified to work on specific problems. This could be gaming, home theatre, development, corporate build outs, networking etc. Tell us what unique skill set you possess and how our customers can benefit from your expertise.

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