Come visit our shop at Unit 10, 48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee & drive up the ramp at the Lock Up building. We're open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Come visit our store at Unit 10, 48 Waratah Street & drive up the ramp at the Lock Up building. We're open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated 05 Jan 2024

Our Agreement
The supply of goods and/or the performance of services by TechSolvers is subject to the following terms and conditions. When you purchase or receive goods and/or services from TechSolvers, you irrevocablly accept these terms and conditions.
Unless otherwise agreed by us prior in writing, these Conditions apply to all provision of services and goods by us to you and cannot be varied amended or supplemented by any other terms and conditions.

1.0 Definitions
In these conditions:
  “Business Hours” means Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Sydney time, excluding public holidays;
  “Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions;
  “Customer” or “You” means the client who shall be treated as a business or domestic client who requests goods and/or services from us;
  “Goods” means all products and software supplied by us to you;
  “Hardware” means computer systems and related parts;
  “On-site” means a location that you determine that TechSolvers visits order to deliver goods and / or perform services;
  “Services” means all services performed by us for you;
  “TechSolvers” or “We” or “Us” or “Our” means TechSolvers Pty Ltd ABN 42 627 050 935;

  2.1 Quotes given verbally by TechSolvers are intended as a guide only. Verbal quotes are based on limited information provided by the customer and do not constitute an assurance that the service or product will be sold or supplied at that price. TechSolvers will attempt to inform their customer of all price options prior to starting the work based on the information given by the customer.
  2.2 Written quotes given by TechSolvers guarantees that the service or product will be provided at that price as long as stock is remains available. Written quotes are valid for a period of 14 days.
  2.3 Pricing communicated on advertising is valid only for the period stated on the advertising material or at the date of publication and may or may not be honoured at the discretion of TechSolvers.
  2.4 Quotes that require diagnostics will incur our diagnostics charge of $82.50. We waive this fee if you go ahead with the repair, or a similar service.

3.0 Payment and Charges
  3.1 Onsite payment for goods and services must be made by cash, credit card, PayPal, ApplePay or AndroidPay. Credit cards that are tapped, inserted or swiped will attract a Merchant Service Fee of 1.98878123%. Credit cards that are keyed in manually will attract a Merchant Service Fee of 2.30179029%.
  3.2 Unless otherwise agreed with TechSolvers, all visits are chargeable. Charges are applied in quarter hour units.
  3.3 We will advise as early as possible if there is a change in the costs incurred by us relating to the goods or services. We reserve the right to change the price charged in such an event.
  3.4 Our Primary Service Area includes premises located in the Sutherland Shire, St George and neighbouring suburbs within a 10km radius of Sutherland. For customers not located within our Primary Service Area, travel time (there and back) is chargeable at the applicable hourly support rate. A full list of Service Area postcodes can be found on our Service Area page.
  3.5 A 50% surcharge applies for visits outside of our standard business hours (i.e. Weekends, Public Holidays and after hours).
  3.6 In the event that you fail to pay for goods or services invoiced by the due date, we will charge you interest on the due sum at the rate of 11.5% calculated monthly until paid in full. We may choose to cease or suspend the provision of further goods or services to you until due sums are settled.
  3.7 All goods remain the property of TechSolvers until amounts payable to us are paid in full. You are responsible for all insurance for damage, theft or otherwise in respect of the goods immediately upon delivery of the goods to the premises nominated by you.
  3.8 All instore customers are required to pay our diagnostics charge at checkin. TechSolvers reimburse this fee if you decide to proceed with a repair service.
  3.9 All onsite customers are required to pay the appropriate minimum charge at time of booking. A $15 rescheduling fee is applied if the booking time is changed on the day of the service. The $25 call out fee is not refundable if the booking is cancelled on the day of the service.

4.0 Liability
  4.1 TechSolvers will not be liable to you for any damage, loss, cost or expense that was caused by
          (i) actions undertaken by TechSolvers that were authorised by you or your employees;
          (ii) accident, misuse or abuse by anyone other than us;
          (iii) your failure to meet any delivery date or cancelled or suspended supply of goods or services
          (iv) a third party;
          (v) your failure to take sufficient care of the goods or to provide a suitable operating and working environment for the goods;
          (vi) damage during relocation, reinstallation or movement of the goods;
          (vii) power surge or failure;
          (viii) alteration or modification of the goods by anyone other than us;
          (ix) any breach of your obligations or responsibilities set out in these Conditions;
          (x) acts of God;
          (xi) any other condition not arising under normal operating conditions;
  4.2 In no event is TechSolvers liable for
          (i) costs or expenses due to business interruption;
          (ii) the failure to realise an expected benefit;
          (iii) resultant loss, damage or expense;
          (iv) any negative impact to goodwill or reputation;
          (v) loss of profit;
          (vi) third party liability;
          (vii) incidental loss, damage, or expense;
          (viii) corruption to or loss of data;

5.0 Service and Repairs
  5.1 We will make every attempt possible to complete the work onsite however it may be necessary to return your system to our base for repair.
  5.2 Dates stated by TechSolvers for the delivery of goods or services serve as an estimate only and is not a contractual commitment.
  5.3 Technology can be very complicated. You acknowledge that problems can sometimes be more complex and involved than initially diagnosed.
  5.4 We may repair goods with refurbished parts rather than repairing the faulty part. We will let you know if we choose to do so.
  5.5 Loss of data is always a risk when repairing goods. TechSolvers can not be held accountable for data loss due to your device failing while in our care.

6.0 Guarantee
6.1 If we are unable to provide a solution for your problem due to insufficient technical expertise, we will not charge you for the service as per our “No Solution No Charge” guarantee. If we advise that the solution requires that you replace your software or hardware and you choose not to follow this course of action, you recognise  that we have met our commitment to provide you a solution to your problem, whether or not you choose to go ahead with that solution.
6.2 We will meet our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found at You must read and will be deemed to have read the Privacy Policy. You agree and consent irrevocably to our use of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
6.3 If goods are provided to repair which are determined to have pre-existing damage or other problems, you acknowledge that we cannot assume responsibility for any resultant damage or problems.
6.4 We shall honour all terms, conditions and obligations as applicable by State or Commonwealth laws concerning the supply of the goods and/or the performance of the services. These Conditions do not seek to limit, modify, restrict, or exclude such terms, conditions or obligations. Our warranty and guarantee supplement your statutory rights and remedies only.

7.0 Your Responsibilities

  7.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing with TechSolvers, you must ensure a person of at least 18 years of age is present.
  7.2 You must ensure our technology specialists are provided with access to the necessary areas and a safe working environment with electricity and internet access
  7.3 You must provide our technology specialists with any necessary passwords.
  7.4 Unless otherwise agreed in writing with TechSolvers, you must provide our technology specialists with original installation disks and product keys for any installations.

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