The NSW Government launched an initiative in 2017 aimed at reducing the amount of old, power hungry fridges and TVs operating in NSW.

If you’re a pensioner, veteran or Health Care card or Low Income Health Care card holder, you might be eligible for some very generous discounts.

Appliance Replacement Offer

What’s the offer?

Eligible residents of NSW can receive:

  • 40% off the cost of a new fridge (when replacing a fridge more than 6 years old)
  • 50% off the cost of a new TV (when replacing a CRT or Plasma TV)

The discount applies to a list of products that you can find at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website.

Who’s eligible?

You’ll need to be a NSW resident and hold one of the following:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card from Centrelink
  • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card

I love my plasma/CRT TV. Why should I replace it?

Plasma and CRT TVs are known to consume alot of electricity. Replacing them with a newer LED equivalent can contribute to great savings on your power bill.

You may also benefit from Smart TV functionality, a bigger screen or a sharper, more vivid picture.

How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted at
Full details of the offer can be found at the NSW Government Power To Save website.

Which TV should I choose?

There’s only three TV options available however they each have their strong points:

HISENSE 32M2160 32” HD TV – great for smaller rooms
TCL 32S6000S 32” HD TV – choose this TV for Smart TV functionality (ie Netflix, Stan)
TCL 40D2900F 40” FHD TV – a better choice for larger rooms

You can purchase the Google Chromecast for $60 if you prefer the bigger screen TV set with Smart TV features.

What’s a Smart TV?

A Smart TV allows you to watch movies, tv shows, and other video content via the internet.

Services like Netflix and Stan will require a subscription, however, access to YouTube is free.
You’ll need a good quality internet connection to get the best out of a Smart TV.

Get 40%-50% off setting up your new TV with TechSolvers

Many of our customers are eligible for this offer so we thought we’d honour the offer as well.

TechSolvers will extend the Appliance Replacement discount to our hourly rate for Sutherland Shire & St George customers. You’ll need to have replaced your TV via the Appliance Replacement offer to qualify for the discount.

We don’t perform wall mounting but we will happily tune in your tv, show you how to operate it, setup Netflix and optimize your internet for best Smart TV performance. We can also set your TV to play back your photos or your music collection.

Call us on 02-8502-8954 or make a booking online and we’ll have your new TV up and running in no time.

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