Find out which service providers rank best in this quarters Measuring Broadband Australia report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

What's fastest on the NBN?The Measuring Broadband Australia report is based on metrics collected from white boxes installed in volunteer premises across Australia (TechSolvers are proud volunteers of this initiative).

We discuss the latest report, the new metrics and how the Service Providers fare.

TPG takes top NBN RSP spot

This quarters report has seen TPG take the NBN RSP top spot with Aussie Broadband falling to second place.
TechSolvers have previously touted Aussie Broadband as our preferred premium ISP and TPG as our value ISP of choice.

We still strongly recommend both Aussie Broadband and TPG for NBN services. Although TPG has taken top spot this time, we think Aussie Broadband are a better long term service provider.

If saving money is important, TPG is an excellent budget service provider that more than competes with other more expensive offerings. You’ll have to talk to offshore support staff but we have always found them to be very capable.

Browsing popular webpages is fastest on Telstra

The WebPage loading time graph is a new addition to the quarterly report and it paints an interesting picture. This section shows us that Telstra serves up popular webpages faster than all other reported service providers.

TPG might have the best average download speeds, however, it’s almost a whole second slower than Telstra at serving up popular webpages. One of our customers has previously expressed how fast browsing on his Telstra cable is compared to TPGs commercial fibre plan. This report supports his observations.

We could conclude that TPG is a good fit for heavy downloaders and Telstra are better for those looking to browse popular websites.

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Gamers should consider Telstra or TPG

The latency metric is a new section on this quarters report. Latency measures the time taken to send a single packet of data and is very important to online gamers.

The ACCC report tells us that Telstra ranks number one for latency, with TPG number two. Gamers – take note.

Go for TPG or Aussie Broadband but don’t write off Telstra

This quarters report has provided more detail than ever before. This new data means we can make better observations on the service delivered by NBN RSPs.

For pure download speeds and best prices, TPG are number one. Heavy downloaders or Streaming Media users (Netflix, Stan etc) should consider TPG first before looking elsewhere.

For all round performance (including support), Aussie Broadband is our pick. They consistently rank highly on all metrics and their onshore support is excellent. We’ve previously written about Aussie Broadbands great qualities. Although their reseller program has been retired, we are still strong supporters.

You may want to consider Telstra if you need the fastest browsing possible (for popular websites) or if you are a gamer.

For now, we recommend either TPG or Aussie Broadband as your best bets however there is still a case to be made for Telstra.

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