iOS 11.1 has been released, giving us new emojis and a fix for the WiFi vulnerability reported last month. The most important change that you’ll absolutely want is one you won’t find in Apples release notes – improved battery life.

New iOS 11.1 emojis

Overnight, Apple has released it’s first major update to iOS 11 to the public.
You can find a full list of changes released as part of iOS 11.1 at Apples iOS 11 Updates page.

Fans of emojis will have an additional 70 characters to choose from covering Halloween, dinosaurs & winter. The worlds broccoli fans will rejoice at the addition of the broccoli emoji. Broccoli haters can now respond to this with a new vomiting emoji.

There have also been a number of security updates released with iOS 11.1 of which the most important was a fix to the KRACK vulnerability reported last month.

The iOS 11.1 change we’ve all been waiting for: Improved Battery Life

The most significant change we’ve seen is strangely missing from Apples release notes: An improvement to battery life.

Many of us observed a drop off in battery life after upgrading to iOS 11.0. During beta testing for 11.1, keen eyed testers noticed their devices were lasting longer on a full charge.
YouTuber @iDeviceHelp reported they observed a gain of 3 hours on the iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and other users have reported similar improvements.

BackUp your device before upgrading

Don’t forget to backup your device before you update. Upgrades can and do go wrong so take a few minutes to provide yourself an easy recovery should you need it.

We always advise our users to wait a week or two before upgrading a device to avoid any bugs. That’s no different with this release, but if the lure of a better performing battery is too much, just make sure you’ve backed up your device.

If you run into any problems with the iOS 11.1 upgrade, feel free to call us on 02-8502-8954 or send us a message via our contact form.

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