The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced today that Telstra has agreed to “offer remedies” to approximately 42,000 NBN customers.

Telstra has agreed to offer remedies to approximately 42,000 NBN customers.
In an announcement from the ACCC today, Telstra admitted that they were likely to have contravened the Australian Consumer Law and were therefore looking to compensate 42,000 affected NBN users who had suffered slow internet performance.

Telstra had previously advertised it could deliver NBN download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and maximum upload speeds of 40 Mbps however 56% of their FTTN customers on the 100/40 plan were unable to reach their plans stated speeds.

The ACCC cited the following affected user statistics:

26,497 (56%) of FTTN customers on the 100/40 Mbps plan could not receive 100/40 Mbps. Of those customers, 9,606 could not receive 50/20 Mbps, which was the next speed tier plan down.
6,352 (45%) of FTTN customers on a 50/20 Mbps plan could not receive 50/20 Mbps.
9,342 (2%) of FTTN customers on a 25/5 Mbps plan could not receive 25/5 Mbps.

Australias largest telco has provided an undertaking to the ACCC detailing the remedies it will provide affected customers. These remedies include the option to change speed plans or waiving fees on exiting contracts with refunds offered on both.

“Not just a Telstra problem; It is an industry problem”

Although Sutherland Shire’s NBN strategy is mostly HFC and FTTC, there are still a few neighbourhoods who have drawn the NBN short straw of FTTN. Todays announcement is a positive step forward for the many disgruntled customers who have been frustrated by the ongoing poor performance of the government’s largest infrastructure roll out.

We’ve seen a steady flow of complaints about NBN performance right across Australia over all the major telcos however some telcos are managing the new technology better than others.

“We are mindful this is not just a Telstra problem; it is an industry problem where consumers are often not getting the speeds they are paying for.” said ACCC Chairman Rod Simms.

Full details of the undertaking can be found on the public register.

Have you been affected?

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